Thursday, June 24, 2010

Evolution, Part 3

As you can tell from the screenshots in “Evolution, part 2”, the program spawns a lot of pop up windows informing me of a multitude of errors. I can’t seem to prevent them, so I made a script to keep an eye out for them and close them as they pop up.

Show VB Script

Not terribly pretty, but effective. Now, I realize there are some serious setbacks to evolution in programs. This is more an experiment of my imagination than it is a serious attempt to make synthetic life. I like to experiment, to find new uses for my code and to push the boundaries of what it was meant to do. What are your thoughts? Is the development of AI through random chaos even a possibility?

Revision three of the code has a lifetime of 300 executions before it quits. From my previous experiments, the code tends to create a functioning copy in a ratio of 1:260 executions.

Once more than 3 instances of the code get going, they start overwriting the file at the same time causing problems. Going forward, I'm going to put together an older computer to let this program run freely, and try to output their executions in a safer manner.

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